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Whether your business needs a corporate hub for information or a freight marketplace for shipping products, we can help.

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It’s no secret that the logistics industry is going through some major changes

Fierce competition for new drivers, bolstered and increasingly confusing regulations, and greater demand with shrinking supply all make logistics a really hard industry to thrive in.

If you want to be one of the logistics companies that thrives in the future, you have to master the tools that allow you to do more with less. Data Driven Design creates website solutions that answer many of the logistics industry’s most pressing challenges. Here’s how.

Most of your potential customers and applicants are never going to see anything other than your website when considering whether to work with you. They want to connect with you directly through your website and be able to access it from their phones. If they can’t do that, you’re losing to the competition.

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Do you have tracking tools and quote forms directly tied to McLeod on your website? Today this isn't just nice to have, it's a customer expectation. Imagine the competitive advantage you get when you can say to your clients, “just go to our website on your phone and you can track exactly where all of your freight is.” You don't have to be FedEx or UPS to offer this functionality. You are probably already using tools that we can integrate with to add this feature to your website.

Integrity Logistics custom tracking solution for trucking

We deliver on assets

Your site could contain features such as:

Trucking and Logistics - chat support

Chat Support

Virtual assistants help visitors find the information they’re looking for so you can focus on larger issues

Trucking and Logistics - calculators


Whether you’re calculating weight, density, or cost you need easy access to the tools that will get the job done

Trucking and Logistics - service maps

Service Maps

Show your customers the active areas of service for your company using interactive or static maps

Trucking and Logistics - client login

Client Login

Allow your clients to securely log in to so they can order a shipment, view order history, submit claims and more

Trucking and Logistics - search functionality

Search Function

Sometimes your users know exactly what they’re looking for. We can include search features to allow easy access

Trucking and Logistics - new driver application forms

New Driver Applications

Let your website work for you by providing an easy and intuitive way for new drivers to apply to join the team

Make Your Website Your Best Sales Person

When was the last time you used Yellow pages to find something? What about Google? Whether you like it or not, search engines matter.

If your website hasn’t been updated with the latest search engine optimization, odds are it is underperforming. Optimize it and it could exponentially increase the number of calls you receive. By using targeted keywords you can attract job seekers, new shippers, partners and other business inquiries. It’s all about showing up high in search results for the things that matter most to your company.

At Data Driven Design, we work to understand what makes your company unique and design an experience that reflects your company's story and values. From the first page to the last, we will ensure your website is designed to provide a memorable experience for your visitors. Whether they are a potential customer, or a new driver – they will be impressed.

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Case Study: Market Express
Web Development

We built a modern site for a new trucking company to make a splash in an old-school industry.

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Integrity Logistics trucking case study
Case Study: Integrity Logistics
Web Development

We pushed the boundaries for Integrity Logistics as the next generation took the reins.

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