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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Your website is likely the initial point of contact between your business and consumers. Think of it as your first impression. What does your website say about you? Does your website say you're stuck in 2005 or does it say your brand is current, tech-savvy, and able to offer customers everything they want and need?

Today, building your business website with a "mobile-first approach" is not only an industry standard but should be a priority for your business. Thanks to the meteoric rise in smartphones, around 60% of searches come from mobile device users, so Google recommends all websites be designed with this strategy. If you haven’t already invested in a responsive web design for your company's website, now is the time to do so! Consider just a few of the reasons why:

Reason #1: It provides a better website experience

If your website visitors are on their phone looking at a page made for a large computer screen, they will have to scroll, squint, and pinch to try to figure out what they're reading. You can probably guess from your own experience with non-responsive websites that frustration will make them give up pretty quickly and find what they're looking for elsewhere. This is such a bad user experience! A better experience on your website means they are likely to stay on your site longer, reading, shopping, and learning about your services. A responsive web design eliminates the need to zoom in and scroll over unnecessarily.

Reason #2: It improves your SEO

Building a responsive website encourages continued traffic growth and strengthens your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your goal is to get your website to consistently rank well and actually improve in Google rankings over time, a responsive website will help. If a user quickly leaves your website because it's poorly designed for their mobile device, it increases your bounce rate and negatively affects your site rankings. Why? Google wants its users to have a better experience and find what they're looking for easily, so a responsive site will rank higher than others. In 2021, Google continues to stress mobile-first indexing, and their search algorithms reward websites that follow this standard!

Reason #2: It will lead to more customers

A better website will give your company the important results it is looking for - more customers finding your products and services! The more responsive and professional your website is, the bigger audience it will attract. The more visitors to the website, the more people who will convert into sales. It really is as simple as that! Your bounce rates will improve if the design is functional and intuitive. The more the traffic, the smoother the experience, the better the sales, and the more profits you bring in.