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Data Driven Design Wins at 26th Annual Communicator Awards

in the past year, for the first time, Data Driven Design received awards from several groups that look for distinctive work in the fields we create in - digital and print design, web development, and marketing. While we've done great work in the past, for most of our time in business we have partnered so closely with other agencies who are doing the design that it didn't make sense for us to submit much of our work. This year was different and we're excited.

What are the Communicator Awards?

The Communicator Awards encourage and recognize innovation across a variety of important areas - Audio & Podcasts, Digital, Video, Design & Print, Integrated Campaign, Marketing Effectiveness, and Mobile Apps/Sites. As an ever-evolving body, its 27th award season will also include two new categories - Commercial Campaigns and Crisis Communications.

While they typically receive over 5,000 entries for consideration, the 26th Communicator Awards season had over 6,000 entries. The submissions come from interactive agencies, ad agencies, design companies, PR companies, and in-house creatives who have worked on projects for their firm. Winners include respected industry experts as well as well-known, large companies such as Bank of America, Forbes Media, and Amazon Music.

How is work judged?

Each year the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) helps judge a deluge of submitted work. AVIA is composed of leading professionals from a variety of visual arts backgrounds and each body of work is judged only by experts in that field/category.

Every project has the opportunity to be recognized in the category with one of two awards - an Excellence Award or a Distinction Award. In addition, although a category may have several winners, it may also have none. In other words, awards are only given if the work is truly thought to be exceptional, but there is no limit on how many submissions can receive awards in the category. Submissions are scored on a 100-point scale and Excellence Winners receive a score of 90 points or more, while Distinction Winners receive a score of 70-89 points.

Distinction Awards

Data Driven Design received four Distinction Awards for work in the following categories:

  • Websites - General - Self Promotion (for this website)
  • Websites - General - Telecommunications (for Client work)
  • Websites - General - Professional Services (for Client work)
  • Features - Website Redesign (for Client work)

Excellence Awards

Additionally, Data Driven Design is excited to have received two Excellence Awards. Both of the excellence awards were given for client work that we are very proud of. We were granted awards in:

  • Websites - General - Computer / IT (for Client work)
  • Features - Animation or Motion Graphics (for Client work)

Over the last year, since our announcement for winning our first Silver Davey Award, we have amassed a surprising number of awards for the design and web development work we have completed for clients and on our own website. Altogether, we have gotten two honorable mentions and 12 awards.

During that time we've also brought on several clients, expanded our services, and completed a number of design and development projects. We continue to push the limits and do our best work, helping our clients present a professional face for their business and market their products and services more effectively - even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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