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How to Create Memorable Branding for Your Online Business

A key feature of successful online businesses is memorable branding. You might be able to develop a profitable income stream that works in the short term, but branding will be a major factor in determining long-term success. Branding ensures customers return to your business, becoming repeat buyers who trust your products. Branding will also increase your conversion rate, with consumers needing less persuading when they are already aware of you. So how do you go about creating a brand that becomes recognized and trusted within your industry?

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Create a Mission Statement

Successful brands can articulate what they do in a short space of time. If you struggle to explain your business to people, this will usually come across in your branding. A mission statement is not intended to detail every aspect of your business, but it can help summarize the broad view your brand represents. A clear mission statement can also be a touchpoint within your organization, helping to guide employees to think and work in ways that support your goals and values.

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Build a Visual Identity

A visual identity helps consumers recognize you across all the various platforms. The color scheme you use is an important part of your identity, instilling emotions in customers. Colors symbolize different emotions, so you can build a palette to use in your branding. Green, for example, symbolizes growth, nature, and calmness. Black can be used to show power, strength, and class. You can use a color chart to build a suitable identity that represents your business and it’s vision.

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Design a Memorable Logo

Iconic logos come to represent ideas in a symbolic fashion. Consumers might look at a luxury car badge, for example, and be reminded of speed, comfort, and elegance. A quality logo should be memorable, creating an impact when people see it. You should also consider that your logo might be used across a range of platforms and medium. You may need to think about letterhead, product packaging, favicons and advertising campaigns. To maintain a consistent voice, your logo might need to be considered in a variety of sizes, arrangements or colors. Above all else, though, the best logos are simple, allowing for easy brand recognition.

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Focus on Engagement

Engagement is a central factor in modern online communication. Brands have typically become more accessible, with social media helping to close the gap with consumers. It is important to speak to followers on social media, using a voice that represents your brand. Some brands have gained interest using humor to stand out. Other brands might be better represented by speaking authentically, using their passion for the industry as their focus.

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Learn What the Market Thinks about You

After thinking about their band and what it represents, a business owner will likely have a clear image in their head. Unfortunately, consumers might not share that same feeling. It is possible to get too close to your business, potentially losing sight of what other people are seeing. Conducting market research can provide insights into what people think about your brand, enabling you to adjust messaging where necessary. You can use surveys, user experience testing, and social listening to get a clear picture.

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Don't Try to Reach Everyone

A common mistake with online businesses is trying to reach a broad audience. The online world makes it possible to reach almost anyone, but you can potentially dilute your message with this approach. It is better to focus on a core audience who will react positively to your business and messaging. Subsequently, many of these targeted consumers will become brand ambassadors who promote your business without request. You will then naturally get interest from a broader audience, growing the number of potential customers through authentic experiences and word of mouth.

Effectively branding your business can take much of the work out of marketing individual products. If your branding is consistent, communicative and recognizable, consumers will be more likely to consider a purchase. A business without an identifiable brand will often need to use pushy sales tactics to try to force interest and engagement. However, when you have spent the time working on your brand, these sales tactics become unnecessary. While it may take time for the effects of your work to come to fruition, the results can last long into the future.

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