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Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions: How to Recover Sales

One of the most frustrating things for anyone who runs an ecommerce website is people who abandon their shopping cart. What this means is that someone is shopping on your website or catalogue, clicks "Add to Cart" on a certain item, but then never actually follows through completely with the purchase.

You may find it reassuring to hear that this problem is not unique to you and your company. In fact, research tells us that average online shopping cart abandonment rates hover just under 70%. This astounding number is from an analysis by the Baymard Institute. Don't let this discourage you. There's good news too! According to Business Insider (BI) Intelligence, an estimated 60% of abandoned online sales are recoverable. This means while it is very common for people to abandon their shopping cart on your website, you can bring them back and complete the transaction once and for all. The question is- how?

Solution #1 Retargeting Ads

Remind your shoppers that they were interested in something. This will often bring them back to your website to complete the sale. In the case of shopping cart recovery, you would retarget customers through various channels, including online ads on other websites, emails, and text messages. These might remind shoppers about the items they left in their cart. You might also include an additional incentive, like a special discount code, in order to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Solution #2 Add a Live Chat Feature

One reason shoppers abandon their carts is confusion about your products, processes, or policies. They have a question and it makes them second guess whether or not this product is truly right for them. By answering their question before they abandon their cart, you've saved the sale. If you add a chatbot or live chat feature to your website, you give your customers the chance to easily get answers to their questions, rather than abandoning their carts.

Solution #3 Make the Checkout Process Easier

A simple and transparent checkout process goes a long way towards reducing people who abandon their shopping carts. Your website visitors don’t want to spend time going through a lengthy, confusing process just to buy your product. They will give up and shop elsewhere. This is why it is important that your checkout process be as short and effortless as you can. We recommend including a progress bar to show shoppers how close they are to completing the process.

Ecommerce businesses like yours can use a variety of tips, tricks, strategies, and tools to recover these sales. If you'd like help, our team is here for you! Our team specializes in all things web-related, including improving your completed sales rates. Contact us now to begin reducing the number of people who abandon their shopping carts on your website.