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Business Branding Design - brandmarks

Visual Identity: Brandmarks

Our process will help discover how you intend to market your brand. We'll recommend an strong mark to represent your brand. We'll provide several design variations that can be used across a variety of media.

Business Branding Design - color palette

Visual Identity: Color Palette

Color is an an opportunity to evoke an emotional response in your audience. We'll curate a versatile palette of colors to set your brand apart from the competition and create a memorable experience.

Business Branding Design - typography

Visual Identity: Typography

We know that font plays a big part in the visual communication, organization and recognition of your brand. We're here to help you communicate more effectively through the thoughtful use of typographic elements.

Business Branding and Marketing - graphic design for print

Customized Suite Of Marketing Collateral

Whether your organization needs letterheads, brochures, business cards or other marketing materials, we can help. Our team can create a strong brand presence across all forms of communication and provide digital assets like icons, templates and social media banners.

Here’s an overview of
how we’ll do it


To begin, we'll review market trends and your organization's current brand identity. We'll also ask about your goals. This will provide us with a more holistic view of your brand and its competitors, which will guide us through the creative process.


After defining your project, our design team will conduct creative exploration and come up with several initial concepts. They'll make sketches, drawings and mockups to work through various ideas and breathe life into your organization's new branding.


Once we've created initial concepts, our team will sit down with you to review 2-3 unique design directions. We'll collect feedback about which elements resonate with you and which ones don't, then adjust our direction accordingly. You'll be able choose one design direction for us to continue refining as the core of your new brand.


Following the review, we'll use your feedback to combine some of your favorite elements. Our team will continue polishing your new brand identity until we reach a final design that best embodies your brand.


When your final design emerges from the process, the DDD team will box up your new brand assets in a production ready format. We'll also assemble a style guide you can use when applying your new branding.

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    Most websites are created with a short term mindset to meet the immediate communication needs of an organization. We like to approach things differently. By identifying your long-term goals, we build holistic solutions that will scale with you.

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