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Integrated Healthcare Staffing - Responsive Website on Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop

Helping a healthcare staffing agency clean up its online presence

Integrated reached out to us after issuing an RFP for a long-overdue website redesign project. We stepped in and helped bring their site into the modern era.


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Discovering Integrated Healthcare's priorities

Integrated Healthcare Staffing - Mobile Phone Job Search and Results Page

Responding to the Integrated Audience

During discovery, Integrated brought information about their users. One of the most enlightening pieces was that their users were visiting the site on mobile devices and many didn't even have access to a desktop computer. With this in mind, we knew we had to prioritize the website's mobile experience. From the earliest stages of design, we made sure that our mobile-first approach maximized usability and focused on creating a simple journey to key actions.

Using data to power art direction

We also dug into details about their target audience to help focus our redesign efforts in the right places. One of the background pieces of information we discovered was an AMN Healthcare 2017 RN Survey in which 61% of millennials indicated they either "Agreed" or "Strongly Agreed" with the following statement: I worry that this job is affecting my health. This data helped illuminate the values and attitudes of the users Integrated most wanted to attract, providing guidance on the crucial visual clues that the site's imagery would provide.

While Millennials cover 32.9% of the marketplace, Gen X is the largest segment at 44.1%

We knew these details would help us to more accurately reflect the audience's background and demographics in the images chosen for use on Integrated Health's new website.

Integrated Health Solutions - Initial Sitemap before web design

Content and Information Architecture

The Data Driven Design team also took screenshots of every page on the old website in order to dive into content discovery with the client. This allowed us to sit down together in the kickoff meeting with a big red pen and start making decisions around which content should migrate to the new site and which content should be retired. This collaboration with the client helped streamline the tasks around information architecture by eliminating guesswork and redundancies.

Integrated Health Solutions - Sitemap by Data Driven Design

After sorting through the existing content and strategizing about how we would incorporate the new content, we produced a sitemap. This not only gave the client a better idea of how we would organize the information throughout the site, but also gave our team greater clarity on our approach for the wireframes.

Integrated Health Solutions - Wireframe Sample

Technical Difficulties

When we first began examining IHS's website we noticed that it didn't hold up very well to traffic. The Data Driven Design team ended up single-handedly taking down their site during project scoping — twice. After joining forces with Integrated, we discovered that they were hosted on a small, shared server. In addition, they faced performance issues due to the API that they were using for job searches. The web development team also found Javascript and mixed-content errors being logged.

Understanding all of the challenges with their previous site and the systems they were using allowed us to provide better recommendations and ensure proper planning to handle these on the new website Data Driven Design would be creating.


Armed with data and observations that emerged from our exploration, we knew one of the highest priorities of this site was to communicate the attention Integrated pays to achieving a work / life balance. We kept this in mind while choosing imagery for the site where we opted to show happy, fulfilled nurses as well as making sure all copy on the site properly reflected the compassion and care that individuals could expect to experience with the Integrated team.

Integrated Health Solutions - imagery selection ideas

Refining photographic content

Custom photography wasn't an option due to timeline and budget constraints, so we helped Integrated sort through hundreds of stock photos to find the right look. Our recommendation was to choose images that felt authentic and warm, as opposed to the vast majority of staged, awkward, and unnatural stock images floating around on the internet.

Integrated Health Solutions updated logo with Data Driven Design suggestions

Brand asset recommendations

Integrated had recently completed a brand refresh exercise to give their logo a more updated look. As the look of the new website starting coming together, we recommended they opt for an alternate "light" version of their logo that would allow it to rest on a white background. This gave the logo a premium aesthetic while not stealing user's attention as a dark object on a light screen.

Integrated Healthcare Staffing - Desktop Travel Nursing Page with Search

Building IHS's Website

CMS Selection

From the beginning, the Integrated Healthcare Staffing team knew that they wanted to use a content management system for their website. With an in-house marketing team on hand to apply changes in the future, Integrated was focused on creating an easily editable system that they could use to make changes moving forward. The client also has a strong desire to use Wordpress as the base for the site. Although we provided a couple of options to the IHS team, they gravitated toward Wordpress due to their collective experience using the popular platform. Having completed many custom website builds on Wordpress, we knew this was a solid choice for their organization.

Integrated Healthcare Staffing - Differentiators List and Job Search Call to Action

Custom Integrations brought to you by Data Driven Design

This project, like most of the projects we complete, also included several software integrations and custom extensions. We feel lucky to be able to draw on our in-house team's background in custom website, API, and application development. Unlike many design and development shops, we don't outsource our development overseas - custom or otherwise.

For Integrated Healthcare Staffing's new website, we created an integration to an industry-specific CRM. Data Driven Design's team also added an Active Campaign integration and extended it further with custom code. The custom extension will automatically sync the data from three separate systems. When changes are made in any of the three platforms, it will update them all with the new information. This means that Integrated will have fewer systems to maintain, and ensure that the data shared between them is constantly current for all users.

Integrated Health Solutions job locations - on mobile phone

Geo-targeted Page Content

Integrated Healthcare Staffing has offices around the country and has individual teams to serve different regions. One of the wish-list items for the new site was the creation of geo-targeted content served to users from different areas. This ensures that Integrated can maximize their marketing efforts in these different zones. It also means that they can deliver the most relevant information to their users in a defined area.

Integrated Health Solutions home page before - on laptop Integrated Health Solutions home page after design and web development - on laptop

Timing is everything

As our project with Integrated was beginning to wrap up we ran into an unorthodox situation — the global shutdown caused by COVID-19. As a healthcare staffing agency, Integrated was immediately hit with a wave of staffing needs across the country and had to shift focus. We've been working closely together (well, at least 6 feet apart) to tidy up the remaining pieces of the project in order to queue up Integrated for launch once the timing is right.

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