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What if pharmacists set out to change the world?

myMTMcare is on a mission to give small to midsize health plans greater control, more effective outreach, and higher CMR completion rates.

Instead of conforming to the standard, antiseptic style prevalent in the medical field, myMTMcare decided to shake things up with updated branding and playful characters. Data Driven Design came along through multiple stages of web development to help create a website that reflected the fresh, approachable appearance of their branding and marketing.


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Squarespace to Apostrophe CMS

From Squarespace to Apostrophe CMS

When DDD came to the project, myMTMcare's site was on Squarespace. While the platform had provided a solid footing for the founding and development of the company, it left a lot to be desired as they moved into the next phase of growth.

For this new phase, myMTMcare brought in a marketing company to help update their branding and marketing. The company, a local agency, went beyond updating the company's print materials, trade show booths and messaging, designing a new site as a central component of myMTMcare's communication. That's when we got the call.

The immediately apparent challenge was that the new messaging and branding needed an equally innovative web design. And Squarespace was not well-equipped to handle the personalized style and features that were needed to support the design vision. We recommended Apostrophe CMS as a solid solution at the time, knowing that it provided the ability to build custom modules to support the structure and content of the site.

myMTMcare animated characters

Animated Characters

Adorable, approachable characters convey myMTMcare's playful personality.

One of the requirements of the design was that the website needed to allow for a static image that could show on mobile devices and a looping animation that would show on tablets and desktops. Not such a difficult ask, except that the animation needed to only play once a browser was sized to the appropriate breakpoint, not be looping continuously in the background. The fear was that a simple approach would allow images to appear mid-animation if a user scaled up from a smaller window size. During development we created a custom implementation that took both of these ideas into account and allowed for the unique style of myMTMcare's characters to shine through.

myMTMcare story style form

A form that fits in

In keeping with the site's relaxed style, we built a custom form with an informal story-like format. The form auto-completes fields already entered by the user, such as their name or title, and is equipped to handle the calculations to provide quotes to those who complete it.

After clicking to submit the completed "story," myMTMcare rewards the user with a shower of confetti.

myMTMcare cards scrolling animations

Scrolling Animations

On myMTMcare's site, smooth scrolling transitions are used to display content as users move around the site. The animated characters fade in when scrolling down to the next section of the site and myMTMcare's stats transition in size to grab a user's attention. Instead of using an off-the-shelf plug-in, we created one that provides the functionality we need, and not a line of code more.

Apostrophe CMS to Craft CMS

From Apostrophe CMS to Craft CMS

Years after the site was originally developed, when it was time for myMTMcare to mature into their current form, we were happy to help them transfer from their original solution on Apostrophe to Craft CMS. While Craft CMS was not yet available as a platform when we originally built the site, it has all of the same core functionality that myMTMcare required. Importantly, it allows for greater editability through a customized content entry set up, without sacrificing in terms of ease of use for content editors.

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