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We helped a local, native plant nursery flourish online

Scholls Valley Native Nursery needed to refresh their outdated website and add new, modern features.

We designed and launched the first phase of Scholls Valley Native Nursery's website refresh. The website aims to be an improvement upon their existing site, with a responsive layout to allow users better access on mobile devices and tablets. Data Driven Design has included a variety of desirable new features such as custom illustrated team avatars, a database of information about native plants, and a real-time inventory page to be launched in phase two of the on-going project.

Scholls Valley Native Nursery Website new design Scholls Valley Native Nursery Website old design

Modernizing an existing web presence

The website for Scholls Valley Native Nursery had been neglected for several years and showed clear signs of being dated. Being more than a decade old, we approached the redesign as an opportunity to pare back unused elements and include cutting-edge features that would have been out of reach at the time of the original website's creation. We designed and built SVNN a fully responsive modern site on Craft CMS's increasingly popular, user-friendly platform to assist them in the next era of growth for the company.




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A growing catalog of plants

The client wanted to refresh their existing "Plant Database" — an information rich area of the site dedicated to showcasing a growing catalog of native plants. The goal of this area was to provide information to the website's visitors about species' preferred habitats, with the idea of later expanding this section to include a whole page of information about all aspects of the plants further down the line. We built them a streamlined database page that is primed for future expansion and has eliminated the chaos of information. The new design allows users to quickly and efficiently find the plant they are looking for using a variety of filtering settings such as sorting the results by either the Latin or Common name.

Scholls Valley Native Nursery plant database

A new home for information and learning

The homepage features a clean design that is geared towards users who want to learn more about the company and the variety of plants they offer

Scholls Valley Native Nursery new home page design

Customizable team avatars

We enjoyed creating a library of avatars to represent the crew over at Scholls Valley Native Nursery. Instead of taking individual photos of team members, we developed a more flexible approach, allowing for easy changes by the client as team members and titles change over time. In the backend of the Craft CMS an administrator can select from a variety of male, female, and gender-neutral avatar outlines which automatically pair with the colored floral background element. This allows for maximum customization by the user while ensuring a consistent look through the use of a pattern of background colors.

Scholls Valley Native Nursery custom team avatars
Scholls Valley Native Nursery inventory tracking integration

Real-time inventory integration

Scholls Valley Native Nursery wanted to modernize the way people requested plants

As a B2B company, Scholls Valley didn't need an e-commerce experience for a traditional consumer. However, they did still need a way for companies to view which plants were available for purchase and submit an order request. SVNN's website redesign is an extension of an original project in which Data Driven Design built a web-based internal software system to track inventory. During this additional design phase, we were able to create a cohesive vision to leverage that system and tie it into the new site using our own API.

The implementation of this work is currently on hold until after Scholls Valley's busy season and additional testing of the new systems but will allow visitors to generate an order request form based on the actual current inventory. In the meantime, we've created a stop-gap measure in the new system that continues to allow for frequent updates to an inventory spreadsheet their customers can access.

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