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5 Steps to Develop a Professional Website

Exciting things are on the way for your brand! You're ready for a new website. You've come to the right place, because that's exactly what we can do for you. When you bring Data Driven Design onto your team, we'll follow these five steps to go bring your website to fruition:


The initial project work will make sure we know what you want. First, we gather technical requirements with you to help define the scope and goals of your web development project. This will allow everyone involved to have a more complete view of the project's goals, find areas that need special attention, as well as call out areas of redundancy, nuance, and more. Following initial meetings, our team will get to work creating a set of wireframes to allow you get an idea of the flow of your website.


We will dive right into creative exploration once everyone has agreed on the components of your project and created wireframes. We will form initial concepts and apply a creative direction to the wireframes to bring our vision to life. During this phase, we will apply the style to your content layouts including typography, color, and branding elements.


After the wireframes and design direction are in place, we will have another meeting where they are presented. Our team will collect your feedback on the project's direction. After we know the changes needed based on your feedback, our team will take some time to implement the requested edits. Soon, the product will be ready to deliver to the development team.


You've agreed upon the look of the website and it's time to turn the vision into reality! Our development team will build the website based on the approved design specifications. Your website will come to life as our top-notch developers add interactivity to the site, integrate with software and APIs, and tie it all together into a single website for your company.


It's finally time to go live! The weeks or maybe even months of hard work is about to pay off. Our team will launch your website and watch as your business excels with your new online presence.

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Is that the end of it? Actually, no! A business website is never really truly finished. It is not a "set it and forget it" project. The collaboration will continue as our team offers you ongoing maintenance to handle hosting, optimization, and updates.

"We need a new website." As you can see, there's so much more to it than that! What you need is a team who approaches things the right way by thinking not just about today, but next week, and next year too. By identifying your long-term goals, our web development team will build holistic solutions that will scale with your company as you evolve and grow.

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