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Ayin Health Solutions brand logo

Ayin Health Solutions is an enterprise population health company

Ayin needed a website to accompany the launch of their new venture.

Data Driven Design delivered a website to introduce Ayin's vision and mission to organizations that work in patient care. As they seek to transform the healthcare industry and provide streamlined, cost-saving systems, Ayin believes patients will ultimately be the winner when those who care for them aren't sidelined with complicated regulations, business tasks and processes.

Ayin Health Solutions home page landing animation

Immersive Landing Experience

The home page hero for the new website was built to display a looping trailer of Ayin's powerful brand anthem video. A link to the full film is readily available, inviting users to start engaging. Visitors to the site can immediately dive into learning about the brand or scroll down the page to begin their journey through the site.


Craft CMS



Bootstrap 4

Lity Lightbox



Frontend Development

Backend Development


The design called for a series of re-usable blocks that could be mixed and matched

We built a website with Craft Content Management System which allowed for flexible content management while keeping it easy to use and maintain.

One reason Data Driven Design so frequently recommends and uses Craft CMS is the adjustable nature of their ecosystem. Craft is built with the ability to define fields to make content entry easy for a client once the site goes live. It also allows configuration of these fields by a web developer in differing ways, so that each site can ultimately have a different set-up that is customized to the client's content needs and the site's style.

After learning about the need for flexibility in the design for Ayin's new site, we knew Craft's system was the right fit. Data Driven Design developed a plan for the CMS backend to allow for all of the foundational content blocks to be re-used on each of the main pages. Our solution was to set them up as a "matrix," with each of the layouts able to be selected and reordered as desired. We took into account that some content would have links to scroll to other sections on the page, have links to take you off-site, or have no link at all. Other blocks could be re-used to display FAQs or a list of services that Ayin specializes in providing. This approach allowed each page to have its own layout for content that can change over time, without sacrificing visual consistency or style.

Approachable navigation

The client needed the site to be easy and intuitive to navigate. We built the menu with speed and comfort in mind to reduce friction when jumping from one page to another. Micro-interactions within the menu added another level of touch that help convey the professional quality of services provided by Ayin Health Solutions.

Secure Assets

In addition to all of the public-facing pages of the site, the company requested a password protected area to allow people to review and download marketing materials such as the brand guidelines, logo suite, brand anthem video, templates, and talking points. We built a gated section of the website to allow for the sharing of these materials within the company, providing a single location for essential documents to live.

Ayin Health Solutions marketing material sharing portal
Ayin Health Solutions microinteractions for a richer user experience

Simple and visually pleasing microinteractions

The site uses a variety of animated effects for loading and hover-state interactions for a richer user experience

Ayin Health Solutions about page hero screenshot
Aying Thought Leadership Article Desktop

Inhabiting their story

Ayin needed a space to trumpet their tale and showcase articles about their work

Data Driven Design created a thought leadership area to help Ayin highlight stories about their approach, success and team of healthcare systems experts. This high-level page also allows Ayin's team to link to news articles where they're mentioned, including a blurb to entice visitors to continue their reading at prominent newspapers' websites.

To accompany their content, we built individual story pages to publish long-form stories. On these pages, Ayin can add a story category, overview, quotes from their thought leaders, and link to related stories on their site. We also created a carousel of peeking cards so they could draw attention to their parameters for each area of the organization. Like other pages on the site, the DDD team built the individual story sections in a "matrix" so they can customize how they want to display content for each story, making them unique.

Aying Thought Leadership Peeking Cards Desktop
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