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Landa Northwest Magento e-commerce website

Dealing with the headache of migrations

We cleaned up the online experience for a leader in the industrial power washing industry

After building a successful site for Landa Northwest in 2008 on Magento 1 and maintaining it for nearly a decade, the time had come for a refresh and migration to Magento 2. The Magento 1 site was not responsive or useable on mobile devices which was becoming a major issue. The client wanted to update the design but needed to maintain the overall feeling and functionality of the site which had become a leader in their industry.


Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Server Migration



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Custom Theming

Frontend Development

Backend Development


On-going Maintenance

A project with a plan

Data Driven Design recommended a number of changes including the migration of the site to a new host, redesign of the UI and update to Magento 2 from Magento 1. Due to the local and global nature of Landa's sales, all of this needed to take place without any downtime that would prevent them from receiving orders through their website.

We created a development workflow to support the goal of keeping the transaction history from the Magento 1 site that was still running during development, ensuring that their existing site would be unaffected by the major changes that needed to take place. The new site was deployed onto a new hosting environment and a script put in place to automatically sync the production Magento 1 site's database to the new Magento 2 site's database nightly, so that the two systems mirrored each other in their underlying data.

The user interface was completely re-designed to be fully responsive and mobile first. We built the new website by adding custom styles and functionality on top of Magento's base templates. At launch time the two systems were kept in sync in real-time while the domain was cut over to the new site, completing the project with no downtime experienced for customers.

Landa Northwest Magento e-commerce product grid

Interactive product catalog

Like a lot of companies that have been around for decades, Landa's staff pride themselves on the relationships they have built with their customers. But traditional values don't hold Landa back from making technological advances that can help them provide a better customer experience for the people that visit their site.

Landa's paper catalog contains more than 250 pages of products, which can easily feel overwhelming to a customer. Even for companies with fleets of pressure washers and more than your average amount of knowledge about what they're looking for, efficiency is important. So having a way to order that replacement part quickly and easily helps simplify a daunting process.

So, how do you take an old-school format like a paper catalog and make it more productive? Remove barriers for customers and allow them to use technology instead of fighting with it. We took the extra step to create an interactive PDF product catalog that users can download from the site. Each individual product contains a hyperlink to the product page on the website. Customers can make their selections and place their order in just minutes.

Landa's new, responsive website successfully delivers on sales

Following the re-launch of Landa's site, they experienced an increase in website conversions and sales, while cutting their ad-spend to $0.

Landa Northwest before Landa Northwest after

After the re-design and site updates by Data Driven Design, Landa Northwest's site performed better for users on mobile devices and tablets. Since rolling out the site, they have gained in a number of key metrics, including:

  • 29.9% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
  • 46.86% increase in transactions
  • 61.46% increase in revenue
  • 27.82% increase in average order value
  • 63.62% increase in unique purchases
  • 84% increase in organic traffic
  • Decreased bounce rate from 54.04% to 3.90%
  • 58.63% increase in page views
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