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Providence Health and Services - Medicare enrollment website zipcode homepage

Health for a Better World

Providence Health Plans needed an easier way for people to enroll in medicare.

Providence's core values center on a mission of excellence and service, with the goal of positively impacting the health of their community. In order to meet the needs of those they serve, Providence provides opportunities for people 65 and better to enroll in Medicare plans. Providence Health Plans needed an easy-to-use, functional website that allowed users to access the information they needed to enroll.


Craft CMS

Google Geolocation API

Bootstrap 4

Javascript / HTML5 / SCSS


Frontend Development

Backend Development


Same, but different

Medicare sign-up is location based, with different plans offered for different areas. The design we received needed to be flexible enough to allow each area to have its own page, with the ability to customize the content and select the plans offered for that zip code.

Providence Health Plans geolocation image

Craft CMS was the easy choice since it has intuitive content management as well as flexibility. Craft is able to accommodate individualized pages based off of a standard template, allowing for a consistent design across each of the location-based pages. This meant that the design vision could be more easily maintained while providing enough flexibility to change images, content and plans where desired.

Providence Health and Services - Medicare enrollment plans on responsive tablet

Smart, functional, and simple.

Targeting an older audience required building a modern site that excluded the bells and whistles of a confusing web experience.

Connecting people to plans

The most important functional component of the website was getting users to the plans they needed - connecting them with Providence Health Plans' offerings for their zip code. In order to build the front end of the experience, we used Google's geolocation API to auto-fill the zip code look-up when users attempted to search for plans available in their region. A user could then simply select their zip code from the list, click a button, and be taken to the page for their area.

Providence Health and Services - responsive mobile Medicare enrollment website

To support the seamless experience that was desired, we also needed to build the logic into the back end of Craft to get people where they needed to go. We tied the user experience together with Providence Health Plans' areas of service behind the scenes. Our team set up a system for an administrator to define the areas of service, linking them with one or several counties in Oregon, and associating the correct plans.

The resulting system was crafted to make it easy for people to connect to a plan that worked for them. The simple touches we added helped to remove barriers for elderly individuals so they could continue the enrollment process.

Providence Health Plans add local plans to display by county

Support for legacy browsers

Considering the target demographic for this website was almost exclusively for individuals 65+ years old, we knew many users would attempt to access the page from older and unsupported browsers, such as Internet Explorer. Data Driven Design made sure to deploy a consistent experience for all users, no matter what browser was used to access the page. Ultimately, this consistent experience meant that people could know what to expect and Providence Health Plans representatives could reference the site, knowing what people were looking at when they got on the phone.

Providence Health and Services - Medicare enrollment website on Internet Explorer
Providence Health Plans open enrollment toggle animation

Open Enrollment: ON

With the flick of a switch, we made it easy to transition the new site for part of the year

Medicare allows open enrollment only from mid-October to early December. For this reason, we had to make it easy to transition the site from one state to the other to accommodate the federal government's requirements. Because Providence offers compliant plans, they are allowed to display some content for only part of the year. We added a simple toggle to the back end of the website, allowing for a quick and easy transition between the two.

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