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Data Driven Design Receives Recognition in 2020 AVA Digital Awards

Although we've been in business for many years, the 2020 AVA Digital Awards are one of the first times we've sought recognition for our work from a body of other professionals in the fields we work in. With a little trepidation and a load of hope, we submitted our work in seven categories and received Honorable Mention (or better) in every single one of them.

Our recent work for NocTel Communications was one of those entered for consideration.

Noctel Communications - Service Offerings on Desktop

What's the purpose of the AVA Digital Awards?

The AVA Digital Awards seek to honor excellence in "digital creativity, branding and strategy." While there are a few main categories, there are also distinct sub-categories that capture work in a variety of media and industries. Judges look for companies who show exceptional talent in their category and whose work "serves as a benchmark for the industry."

More than 2,500 entries were received from companies who work in digital communication fields from initial conception to design and, ultimately production of media. The 2020 awards received entries from the United States. Canada and 23 other countries around the globe. Winners include large digital marketing efforts for some of the biggest brands and institutions - including work for Pepsi, Hilton, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Fender, among others.

How are submissions judged?

The AVA Digital Awards are judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an international organization. Their membership is comprised of thousands of experts in the advertising, communication, marketing, and public relations fields.

Each entry is judged at random and is not directly compared to other entrants in the same category, ensuring all work is judged purely on "its own quality, creativity and resourcefulness." No essays are submitted by entrants to explain the effect they were going for - it's up to the judges to find the value. However, based on work experience, judges allow that a "student-produced project is not held to the same expectation as a piece produced by a Madison Avenue agency for a Fortune 500 company."

Judges collectively agree on a single score for each entry between 1 and 100. Scores of 70-79 receive an Honorable Mention Certificate, scores of 80-89 receive Gold Awards, and scores of 90-100 receive Platinum Awards.

Honorable Mention Certificates

Of the seven entries by Data Driven Design, two received Honorable Mention Certificates. These entries were:

  • Web Based Production - Small Business (DDD)
  • Web Based Production - Small Business (Client)

Gold Awards

Data Driven Design also received four Gold Awards for work in the following categories:

  • Web Based Production - Business to Business (Client)
  • Web Based Production - Website Redesign (Client)
  • Web Based Production - Advertising, Digital Agency (DDD)
  • Web Based Production - Professional Services (DDD)

Platinum Awards

Finally, we were collectively ecstatic to learn we received one Platinum Award:

  • Web Based Production - Professional Services (Client)

The proof is in the pudding

While we hope this is only the beginning of the line in a long career of award-winning work, we know the most important thing for us is to keep learning, growing our skillset, and helping our clients be successful in their endeavors. After all, the true sign of work that's well done is an increase in sales for our clients.

To see a list of all 2020 AVA Digital Award Winners, visit their site.

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