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Bringing a brand up to speed

Data Driven Design created a brand identity and is designing a new website for Inject Auto's e-commerce aftermarket automobile accessory website.

Building From The Ground Up

Brand Identity

We took Inject Auto through the formal design process — from napkin sketch to final polished digital assets. As an e-commerce aftermarket automobile accessory business, it was important to create a mark that identified with their key audience and worked well across digital properties. We set out to create a slick brandmark that conveyed a sense of speed, rigidity, and quality that would connect with target audiences.

Inject Auto logo design sketches

Feedback + Reviews

Several times throughout the process the team sat down together to review the creative direction for Inject Auto and give feedback in order to achieve the desired result. Even though we were working with a digital company we felt it was important to test the brand assets in a printed environment in order to get a holistic view of the brand identity. Printing the assets also yielded additional benefits in being able to more easily review and discuss elements side-by-side.

Inject Auto - Design Concept Review Ideas

Brand Guidelines

After finalizing the designs for the Inject Auto brand identity, we put together a Brand Guideline document to assist with keeping a consistent look and feel for all future marketing collateral. This document includes a breakdown of information regarding the different variations of the logo, brand color palette, fonts used, and rules to keep in mind when applying the brand.

Inject Auto designed branding - brand guidelines


The first step in building a solid e-commerce shop for Inject Auto was a proper discovery phase. We performed a competitive analysis across the industry and referenced that with the Inject Auto inventory to determine user paths for the site. Our team used the findings from that research to create wireframes, where features and functionality could begin to be hashed out.

Inject Auto website design wireframes

Website Development

We're hard at work polishing up the website designs in order to hand off the files to our development team. Stay tuned for updates as we finish building the Inject Auto website.

Inject Auto website teaser image
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