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Creating a website for the modern day craftsman

Warrior Products has manufactured 100% U.S. Made Off-Road vehicle accessories for over 25 years

The client needed an updated website that not only showcased Warrior's quality products and their commitment to innovation, but also allowed for e-commerce in order to serve the growing off-road vehicle industry.

Warrior Products new home page design Warrior Products old home page design

A fresh appearance

Warrior Products had successfully grown their business through a commitment to quality products and outstanding service. However, the unintended outcome of this single-minded focus, was that their website had been neglected for many years. We helped them suit up with a fresh new site that allowed them to sell product online.


Magento 2



Mailchimp Integration

Amasty Elasticsearch

Amasty Product Finder


Frontend Development

Backend Development


Powerful product searches

One of the most important features of an e-commerce site is its search capabilities. Many times, out-of-the-box configurations are less than ideal, frustrating customers as soon as they type in their first term. Data Driven Design installed and configured Elasticsearch, a specialized Magento module, to handle a variety of common use cases. Elasticsearch provides auto-complete suggestions and spelling corrections, as well as partial searches by SKU, name, attributes and categories. Besides adding powerful search features, it allows users to view results without ever having to leave the page.

Warrior Products Elastic Search module

Search by vehicle

In addition to upgrading the site's standard search functionality, Data Driven Design integrated and configured the Amasty product parts finder plugin. This specialized search enables customers to find products based on the make and model of their vehicle, cutting down clutter in the pursuit of the perfect part. We styled the plugin to blend seamlessly with Warrior's new brand identity, but went above and beyond to ensure that it held up to Warrior's use cases.

Due to desired functionality being outside of the plug-in's available options, we extended the code to create a custom solution that was sure to meet Warrior's needs. We were then able to successfully petition Amasty to add our solution as a feature in their code base. Data Driven Design worked closely with Amasty's team to guarantee that the resulting feature was robust and well-tested, resolving a problem for our client and future users alike.

Warrior Products Amasty plugin for searching for vehicle parts

Dedicated category banners

The client asked for dedicated product landing pages in order to highlight key categories of product. We modified Magento's standard product grid layout and created an adaptable solution to allow Warrior to upload imagery associated with each category. This change added a visual component, with an image that responds well at any screen size and a prominent place for a title. Together, these adjustments helped refine the visual style of ho-hum pages.

Warrior Products customized product landing pages for key product categories

Robust navigation for multiple audiences

We crafted a custom meganav experience for the Warrior Products website in order to provide a variety of ways for users to find the product they are looking for. The traditional search-by-product menu features categories and subcategories whereas the search-by-activity menu offers dedicated pages to the four key audiences identified by Warrior Products: Overlanders, Cruisers, Outdoorsmen & Adventurers, and Offroaders.

Warrior Products custom meganav animation

Audience-specific landing pages

In order to speak to Warrior's four target demographics, we built dedicated landing pages designed to feature imagery and products geared towards a specific crowd. This flexible approach allows them to provide the right gear for the right situation and ensures that it is easy to make adjustments based on the current market or seasonal conditions.

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