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Small Project, Big Mission

When needed a logo refresh they reached out to Data Driven Design to make it happen.

We helped retain the legacy of their original mark by incorporating a heart into their lettermark while updating and modernizing their colors and type to allow for optimized use across printed and digital materials.

Style Guide

We assembled the logo suit, color palette, and typography into a brand guideline document as a quick reference for brand assets.

Logo Iterations

We originally explored recreating the core brandmark for, including several iterations that leaned on emphasizing the word Kind, as well as encorporating the heart graphic throughout the mark. The client enjoyed seeing a wide range of brandmarks but eventually decided to lean into an optimization of their original idea using K+P in combination with a centralized heart.

The Right Kind of Color

One of the requests we received was to display the new brandmark in a large variety of eye-catching color combinations. Offering this many color combinations is outside our normal process, but the client responded well to the variety of options to choose from.

Design Recommendations

The client requested us to explore the use of a pattern or texture to be located within the center of the logo. We ultimately recommended keeping the heart graphic as simple as possible to avoid any clutter or distracting elements.

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