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Mentors360 responsive design

Designed for future generations

We created a website to connect young professionals with mentors

Mentors360 is an organization of professionals from diverse vocations committed to authentically imparting their lives and expertise to the next generation of leaders. Data Driven Design built a website to update Mentors360's online experience, inform about their mission, and help connect mentors and young professionals to networking events in the community.

Mentors360 website - homepage

Development details transform the design

The design for Mentors360 called for entirely unique pages, each with their own underlying design concept. The home page of the site has a strong visual impact, with images incorporated to drive users to specific parts of the site. Hovering over the linked images reveals a gradient border in complementary blues and purples, a quirky application of style for a simple action.

In contrast, many of the other pages of the site have a more streamlined look. The Events listing page and the Join page are instead focused on keeping the user on track, conveying information in a straight-forward and traditional style. Despite the simplicity of these pages, gentle loading effects and parallaxing images add unique elements to provide a polished look.

Mentors360 - Events listing page

Mentors360 needed a website that made it easy to access and maintain their list of mentors.

We built the mentors page with the goal of making the mentor search a seamless process. By providing filters and high level details to search by, users can more quickly identify a great match for them and then visit their LinkedIn page to connect.

Mentors360 - Mentors Page
Mentors360 Eventbrite integration - Mobile events list

Built to grow a community

Features like an Eventbrite integration make it easy for peers to quickly find and add events to their calendar.

We integrated with Eventbrite's API because Mentors360 was already using Eventbrite to manage their list of events. Continuing to use a system that was already in place meant it was the best option for them. This approach allowed administrators to instantly add events and update the entire catalog of current meetups in a single place, preventing redundancy. The goal of including their events on their website, and work to build out a system that allows for management in one location, helped remove friction from the content entry process and allowed for a better user experience on the frontend.





Apostrophe CMS

Constant Contact

Eventbrite API Integration



Frontend Development

Backend Development


Investing in the next Generation

Mentors360 is fueled by the support received from its community members. As such, it was important to include a place to allow quick and easy gifts to help fund the work they do. We built a custom form to help make the donation process easy and simple. This form was then tied into Braintree for payment processing, using their available API. This allows benefactors to use the site to give monthly contributions, or a one-time donation, all with a few quick selections.

Even on a simple page like the donation page, we added in small design touches. Across all screen sizes, there are parallaxing images that gently move as a user scrolls down the page. The subtle effect blends with the overall aesthetic of the site while adding impact and visual fascination.

Mentors360 donation form and braintree integration
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