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Creating a buzz with Moccamaster

The client needed a site to elevate the brand’s recognition in the US after becoming the largest manufacturer of coffee makers in Europe.

Data Driven Design built a robust Magento website filled with features such as e-commerce, a retailer portal, and a store locator for customers to find products nearby.

Striking a balance between product and information

Moccamaster needed robust e-commerce experience to supplement their new information-rich website. The store's product grid pages include a user friendly navigation that uses icons to highlight the different categories within the Moccamaster product line. Filters on the left were styled with an updated, modern feel and page-specific heros can be customized with images and category names.

Moccamaster easy to navigate e-commerce pages

A sustainable choice

Moccamaster's founder set out to create a long-lasting, reliable, energy efficient, and sustainable coffee maker. Today, the products of his company have come to be known for their brewing consistency, longevity, and ingenuity. Each product is handmade in the Netherlands and tested to meet high quality standards. As a result of their commitment, Moccamaster's coffee makers consistently top the list as best in class.

The design for Moccamaster's U.S. site tapped into the very ethos that's been at the heart of the company from its inception to today. With a rich, graphic style in the designs, it was up to Data Driven Design to meet Moccamaster's needs and deliver a beautiful site to speak for their brand.

Moccamaster- A sustainable choice screen shot

Maintainability in Magento

As anyone who has ever worked on a Magento site knows, it can be daunting for a customer. Magento's platform is built around e-commerce, with standard features and layouts baked right in. Products take center stage, with support for cross-selling and up-selling. There are many plug-ins available to help manage product category navigation, checkout experiences, store locators and newsletter sign-ups. With the focus on functionality, Magento's approach to e-commerce requires knowledge of how the complex system is built and how to tie into it for a site with a sweeping design vision like Moccamaster's.

Due to the sheer number of pages needed on the site, a key component of the design was reliance on making reusable sections that could be used across the site and transformed with bold imagery and powerful messaging. This would ensure that the website would be maintainable after launch. Each of these individually designed sections could then be arranged on pages to give a variety desired of layouts. However, anywhere pages were unique, they were built and styled individually. This dichotomous approach to the design meant that the development of each page could proceed more quickly after determining which route to follow. In the end, it allowed a high-end feel across the site, marrying function and form.



Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

Custom Module Development for Vendor Portal

Knockout JS


Frontend Development

Backend Development


Moccamaster- Retailer portal screen shot

Retailer Portal

Data Driven Design created a form to allow companies to sign up as retailers for Moccamaster products. In addition, a custom, password-protected portal was built to serve as a document repository for their approved retailers. This made it so that all of the documents a retailer might need were readily available.

A gold cup of coffee

Moccamaster's relentless focus on quality pushed their brand to the next level. For their introduction to the U.S. market, they needed to allow customers to purchase products. But, beyond this, they sought to showcase their positive press, convey the quality of their craftsmanship, tell the story of their company, and most importantly, help their customers make the ultimate cup of coffee.

We built a scrollable navigation using waypoints to highlight the key steps to brewing a heavenly cup of joe. This one-of-a-kind explainer allows fans across the country to discover how Moccamaster's coffee makers create the perfect conditions required to make a cup of coffee that meets and exceeds the precise regulations set out by the European Coffee Brewing Centre.

Moccamaster scrollable navigation with icon waypoints
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